Meet Cohort One

Congratulations to the 24 participants of our first SILA program cohort (2021-2022) – listed below – who were selected through a rigorous and competitive process, with a focus on diversity and representation from both metropolitan and rural and regional areas in NSW and the ACT.

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In 2022 SILA will be offered to for-purpose CEOs in Victoria and Tasmania, and in following years the program will be offered to leaders and organisations across Australia.

MEET THE #SILA24 (2021-2022)

:: Listed in alphabetical order, by surname ::

Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, Top Blokes Foundation

Melissa Abu-Gazaleh

Kathi Boorman, One Door Mental Health

Kathi Boorman

Nick Chapman, Policy Cures Research

Nick Chapman

Janet Cousens, Act for Peace

Janet Cousens

Frances Crimmins, YWCA Canberra

Frances Crimmins

Penny Dakin, Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY)

Penny Dakin

Annabelle Daniel, Women’s Community Shelters

Annabelle Daniel

Jodie Darge, Project Youth

Jodie Darge

Rory Gallagher, The Behavioural Insights Team

Rory Gallagher

Cassandra Goldie, Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS)

Cassandra Goldie

Michele Goldman, Asthma Australia

Michele Goldman

Michelle Higelin, ActionAid Australia

Michelle Higelin

David Keegan, HOST International

David Keegan

Alice Lans, Noah’s Inclusion Services

Alice Lans

Jordan O’Reilly, Hireup

Jordan O'Reilly

Melinda Phillips, BackTrack Youth Works

Melinda Phillips

Suzie Riddell, Social Ventures Australia (SVA)

Suzie Riddell

Liz Ritchie, Regional Australia Institute

Liz Ritchie

Antonia Ruffell, Australian Philanthropic Services

Antonia Ruffell

Frances Rush, Asylum Seekers Centre

Frances Rush

Fiona Strang, HealthWISE

Fiona Strang

Leanne Townsend, National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NACSA)

Leanne Townsend

Jarrod Wheatley, Professional Individualised Care

Jarrod Wheatley

Jess Wilson, Good Things Foundation Australia

Jess Wilson