Program Outcomes

The SILA Program will advance the capability of leaders, organisations, and our social purpose ecosystems, for a better civil society.


  • Increase understanding and application of cutting-edge leadership and social impact theories and tools.
  • Improve the wellbeing of leaders, and establish a culture of wellbeing within organisations, and across the for-purpose sector.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of exceptional and diverse for-purpose leaders.


  • Attract, retain and develop emerging leaders within the sector, whilst giving organisations greater confidence about succession planning.
  • Build leadership cultures, based on wellbeing, and improve the capabilities of organisations, to enhance their ability to deliver better outcomes for the beneficiaries they serve in line with the organisation’s purpose.


  • Create a strategic network of system-thinking leaders, who can support and guide each other through conflict, crisis and opportunity.
  • Lift philanthropic culture and practice by demonstrating collective leadership and encouraging investment in for-purpose organisation capacity building.

I am grateful for the investment that has been made in the SILA program, bringing together CEO’s from the for-purpose sector, to learn with and from each other. The gift of time to think, explore and reimagine during my sabbatical has been precious.”

Frances Crimmins, CEO, YWCA Canberra
SILA Cohort One Participant

Program Evaluation

An independent evaluation of the SILA Program has been conducted by Nous Group and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

  • 100% of participants agree their organisation has or is likely to experience tangible improvements due to their involvement in SILA
  • 95% agree they can make a difference in their organisations across the sector by using what they’ve learned from SILA
  • 100% of participants now intend to invest in their teams’ leadership and professional development

CEOs also highlighted four key areas that their organisations already have or expect to experience positive impacts, including;

  1. Better leadership and management capability
  2. Stronger networks for fundraising and knowledge transfer
  3. Organisational restructures implemented to improve performance
  4. Higher ambition to pursue more influential projects and initiatives
SILA is heading to Queensland and Northern Territory next! Applications for 2024/25 will open 1 March 2024.